A self-portrait

"Hot and Cold"

35 mm film

"Old Box Office Window"

35 mm film

"Hotel Room"

35 mm film

"Not Long Ago"

35 mm film

"Orange Fire"

"A Hand"

"Blue Flames"

"Art New York" 

35 mm film


 35 mm film


"Inside a Gallery"

"In an Art Gallery"

"A Crowded Beach"

"A Clockwork Bowler Hat"

(Remembering "A Clockwork Orange")


"A Welcoming Mannequin" 

35 mm film

"At Home by the Fire"

 An Aboriginal Orang Asli in His Hut. Malaysia

"A Small Cloud"

Sardinia, Italy

"A Look at the Past"


"In an Amusement Park at Night"

"Night Stand"

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