Alex Stefan

Creating Fantasy

My work is not confined to a particular style. I characterize it as "free-style", focused on beauty and emotions. Among major influences are surrealist, experimental, minimalist and abstract art forms.

Even though not many images in my portfolio can be called traditional, they all were created the "old-fashioned" way , i.e. in-camera (either film or digital - I use both), which is "traditional" in a sense, not in computer post-production. Special effects in my photos are analog in nature and are different from computer-manipulated images of today that, in my view, often lack spontaneity and soul, look too slick and artificial (with exceptions, of course). Some of the techniques I employ are of my invention and are not taught in photography schools or courses (instructors at the Washington School of Photography which I attended couldn't figure out, at times, how I'd made certain photos). In the 1990's I won awards in a number of photo contests and later on held multiple personal exhibitions and participated in collective art shows, on a local and national scale. To this day, I continue to explore new avenues and develop new techniques. It's an ongoing process of inspiration, discovery and creation.

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